PHOTO: 17 Year Old Secondary School Dropout Arrested For Attempted Robbery In Lagos

Rapid Response Squad (RRS) arrested a suspected robber and indian hemp smoker at Iddo, Lagos around 8 pm on Saturday. Ibraheem Taiwo, 17, with Abdullah, still at large, attempted to rob a tricycle rider (popularly known as “Marwa”). Also, Adetona, 28, was arrested at a smoke joint in Mushin, Lagos.

Ibraheem, a secondary school dropout turned vulcanizer explained that he followed a friend, Abdullah, out to Iddo.

According to him,

“I was standing trying to take tricycle to Oyingbo when I heard the shout of thief, thief. I saw Abdullahi dropped handsets and a jack knife, I picked them up. That was how RRS operatives arrested me…. I have been learning vulcanizing for over six years, and am preparing for my freedom. It was Abdullah, my friend that robbed. He dropped the phone and the jack knife when he was being chased. I only picked them up to defend myself…. Abdullah is a friend and a sweeper in Oyingbo. I know where he lives. He is the one that put me into this problem. I only followed him to Iddo.”
The victim of the botched robbery operation, Okeke Chibuk, emphasized that it was Ibraheem that led the two-man robbery gang that dispossessed him of his belongings with the aid of a jack knife.