“My Harlot Wife Beats Me Every Day” - Man Cries For Divorce

The allegation of a 65-year-old man who dragged his wife to court over a
dissolution of their marriage will leave you in dismay.

According to the accuser who doesn’t want his name on print before an Asaba High Court, he re-married after the death of his first wife, so he could one again have a companion and also someone to help him take care if his four children, but the only thing he has gotten so far from being married to his second wife is beatings and harlotry.

“I married my wife in 1998 and did the church wedding at Catholic Church of Assumption, Zappa, in Asaba. Since then, we have two children; a boy and a girl, but this woman always threatens to kill me, she beats me at every chance, and many times, I go into coma. She vowed that she must kill me and she sent all my children packing, I cannot continue with the marriage.

“She beats me most times, but it came to a climax on January 17, 2016, when she took something and hit my head in an attempt to kill me, so that I would not be able to pursue the divorce case in court, but thank God, her mission did not come to reality as I overcame her plan.

“She is a harlot, she beats me every day. I cannot eat her food again because she is a harlot. It is against my tradition and I want the marriage dissolved before she kills me,” he said

According to Punch, when the court asked the man’s wife, she denied her husband’s allegations saying;
“ What will make me to beat or attempt to kill my husband? We stay in the same house, sleep on the same bed, I am taking good care of him, but I don’t know what is wrong"

The case still lacks enough evidence to prove that the 65-year-old man was actually been abused by his wife as he claims.

However, the case remains in court, while the trial judge demands his first son as a witness to the allegations, the case was adjourned to February 17, 2016.