Conor Mcgregor Set To Overtake Cristiano Ronaldo On Forbes Athlete Rich List

Despite losing to Floyd Mayweather in super fight,he will earn around £77m

Endorsement deals and UFC pay have seen Conor McGregor become huge draw

McGregor could stretch his lead over Cristiano Ronaldo with another 2017 fight

He met Real Madrid star last year in Las Vegas and predicted eclipsing him

Conor McGregor is set to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo In Forbes athlete rich list following his super-fight with Floyd Mayweather with Staggering £77m-plus income... just a year after UFC star predicted he would

The Dubliner's inexorable rise reached stratospheric heights in the cross-over clash which is expected to earn him in the region of £77m — and that's before endorsement deals are considered.

Ronaldo topped the list this year with earnings of £71m and has been eclipsed in 10 rounds of boxing,in which Mayweather forced a stoppage in Las Vegas.

The 'Notorious' is renowned for his predictions and remarkably foresaw overtaking the Real Madrid star when the two athletes met last year.

Ronaldo visited the UFC lightweight champion in training and the Irishman quipped: 'You were number one on the Forbes list,I was like number 35 or something.I'll get up.Maybe next year I'll get you.' Ronaldo replied: 'I don't think so.'

McGregor will still not be on top of the athlete rankings,with Mayweather's purse superseding his earnings.Some reports claim that 'Money' is in line for £233m from the lucrative Las Vegas clash.

But both men can expect to overtake some huge names in the world of sport such as LeBron James,Roger Federer and Lewis Hamilton.

And now that 'Money' has retired, appropriately on top of the financial rankings, McGregor will fancy taking top spot in the coming years.

The Irishman is an active champion in the UFC and is even open to the possibility of another contest before the end of the year.

As the organisation's premium pay-per-view lure, McGregor's fights continue to break records for Dana White both in terms of gate and broadcasting revenue.

And at only 28-years-old,the 'Notorious' has plenty of pay days left in him.