VIDEO/PHOTOS: SARS Beating A Man To Coma

I have been following the SARS story for awhile and to be candid, I had a brush on with them recently. They stopped me and a friend, and after not seeing anything on us, told me my ID card is fake and I need to call the owner of the company to bail me out. I told them I own the business and they said they want to see the documents of registration. I told them OK, I will go and bring it, while my friend waits in the vehicle. They said delay of procurement of evidence is a crime. I was confused. Funny, this people wasted my time and made me lose a customer that day. The worse is they collected hard earned 12k from me and I had to even fill out a statement in their useless Sango, Ogun state branch. And this particular incident which I saw online and decided to share.
SARS are animals, criminals, bunch of people who should be killed by the real police or army because are bloody criminals and extortionists. Most of these criminals even do Yahoo Yahoo and still hunt for Yahoo boys.